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Portable Digital 50 lb x 0.2 oz Postal Table Shipping/mailing Scale with Large Display, Envelope Stand & USB Power Cable


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Angel Canada


  • Built-in fold up letter holder - stand upright to 90 degrees for letter rolling tubes or other irregular packages
  • Multiple Weighing Modes - pounds/ounces, ounces, kilograms/grams, grams
  • Weighs up to 56 lbs in graduations of 0.2oz (0.2oz /5g minimum weight)
  • Tare allow you to reset the display to 0.0 for the item needs holder; Hold function is very handy when you weighs an over-sized item
  • Runs on USB power cable (included) or 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

This portable table postal scale is designed to meet small business and home mailing & shipping needs. With a 56lb capacity and a 0.2oz graduation, this postal scale is well suited for calculating postage on envelopes and determining shipping rates on packages.

The built in fold up stand allows weighing of mailing tubes and large envelopes. Weight can be displayed in 4 different modes: pound:ounce, decimal pound, kilogram:gram, decimal kilogram.

The HOLD button allows you to freeze the weight display on the display, even after the item is removed. This function is very handy when you need to record the weight of oversized boxes but the display screen was covered by the item.