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This is the first and most important question to ask yourself. Portable massage tables either have 3 sections or 2 sections. On the 3 section massage tables, the third section raises up as a back support so clients can be seated for all or some of the treatment, instead of remaining flat. The back rest can be handy for certain treatments like reflexology, acupuncture, head massage, sports leg treatments, beauty treatments and when you want to prop clients up at the end of the treatment to let them catch themselves before getting up of the table. Back rests are great, unless you need to carry the massage table to mobile treatments. This is because the 2 hinge supports that hold a back rest up normally weight around 3kg. 3kg on it's own isn't much but when it accounts for 20-25% of the entire weight of the massage table then it makes a massive difference! If you are in doubt or do not know, then you probably do not need a back rest. If you won't be doing any mobile work and your treatment room will be fixed, then by all means get a massage table with a back rest, even if you don't need one. If you like a certain treatment table but it has a backrest you may never use, go ahead and choose it. You may even take on some additional therapists in the future where it may come in handy. We normally advise mobile therapists and those therapists in doubt to choose a table without a lifting back rest. For some mobile therapists, a lifting back rest is essential. In these cases, there are 3 solutions or workarounds to solve the problem.
Your iPad point of sale system offers you a powerful solution for your business. With the right accessories, you can turn it into a full-powered point of sale system. The iPad POS stand helps you to create a professional looking register or checkout system, no matter what type of business you own. You can set up the iPad at the counter, or you can create a free-standing lectern for industry events like trade shows or community shows. The stands include anti-theft features to protect your investment and your company data. The floor stand also includes a charging cable through the center of the stand, helping to keep your iPad charged without the clutter of cords. Both stands allow you to create a professional looking display while also taking advantage of professional tools for your business that also help you to save thousands of dollars over a traditional POS display.
Check if the USB cable on the back of the monitor has been connected to the PC. Check if the driver has been installed. Or switch to another USB male to male cable. If the problem still not getting fixed please contact us at 1 604 568 6977 or email us at
In every monitor package there should be a small USB disk which includes the driver for the monitor. User can use this to install the driver. If there is no USB disk the user can also download the driver from: Monitor Driver Download. Note: Before the user install the driver please make sure there is no other driver has been installed. Otherwise the driver will not working properly.
- Screens serve as POS, PC Monitor, Portable TV for replay Video in RV, Car, Boat, etc. - Perfect for use in retail, point-of-sale (POS), VOD system, Juke Box and many other hospitality applications. - Sensitive touch screens recognize touch input from stylus, finger, gloved hand, pen or tool. - Exceptional and durable touch screen monitor at an excellent value.
Please send us an email ( or you can call us at 1 604 568 6977 for help.
Please install the driver first. And then open the software you have installed. There will have a calibration option for you and you can do the 4 point calibration to make it accurate. If after the calibration there still have the problem, please call us or send us email for help.
The port is RJ11/12. It is similar to telephone jack. The RJ11/12 port should connect to the receipt printer which has the RJ11/12 port. So after setting the cash drawer should open when the printer prints something.
If your receipt printer does not have any port that means our auto cash drawer cannot work with this printer. You can try to open the drawer manually or you can consider our manual cash drawer instead.
Please send us an email ( or you can call us at 1 604 568 6977 for help. If it is urgent you may need to contact the locksmith.
You can calibrate the scale to make the reading accurate.
Please check this video: Youtube - Calibrate Scale In the video it shows you how to calibrate the scale.
First please try to follow the steps on the video to calibrate the scale: Youtube - Calibrate Scale If the ERR message is still there, please send us an email ( or you can call us at 1 604 568 6977 for help.
Please send us an email ( or you can call us at 1 604 568 6977 for help.